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​STEP BY STEP Shopify Success Through Dropshipping and Print on Demand

Welcome to Diamond eCommerce! In this course I hold nothing back and share with you everything that has brought me immediate success on Shopify. You’ll learn how to take these strategies and implement them into your own Shopify stores. What You’ll Learn – THE DIAMOND METHOD (This is the REAL REASON I do Print on Demand, NEVER PUBLICLY REVELED) – Look Over My Shoulder As I Build a Store From Scratch and Get Sales On an Average Product in a Competitive Niche – I Hand You a List of Niches to Jump Into (I only run 2 stores so I can’t do them all!) – SECRET 3 WEBSITES I HIRE DESIGNERS FROM. NEVER PAY MORE THAN $12-25 FOR QUALITY DESIGNS (this will save you hundreds of dollars) – The App I Never Talk About That Creates Massive Desire and Social Proof – The Software I Use to Automate My Instagram Sales/Growth – How I Create High Quality Product Images Using 2 Online Tools. NO PHOTOSHOP! – My Unique Shipping Strategy That Increases Conversions – Live Reviews of Your Stores – How I Structure My Influencer Shoutouts – How to Set Up a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign – Weird Facebook Ad Method I Use to Keep Costs Super Low – SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE – Getting people to convert (this took me years of books, courses, and seminars to learn. I distill the essential elements needed specifically for Shopify)