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Stefan James – Affiliate Marketing Mastery 2019 Free Download

Module 1: Strategy & Mindset For Success
In order to build anything of value, you need a solid foundation. Your Strategy and Mindset is that foundation to creating the successful online business that you desire. Module 1 will help you cultivate the right strategy and mindset for success.
Introduction: Find out how Affiliate Marketing Mastery works, what to expect, and how to fully apply the program for maximum results.
The Mastery Mentality: Adopt the mentality that separates the dabblers from the masters, allowing you to ensure you maximize the results you get from the program.
Affiliate Marketing Mastery Blueprint: Discover the exact blueprint that I’ve used for making 7-figures per year with affiliate marketing.
Affiliate Marketing Mastery Success Principles: Apply these 10 Success Principles of Affiliate Marketing Mastery for lasting and sustainable success in your online business.
Goal Setting Workshop: Learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals in your online business and how to actually achieve them.

Module 2: Advanced Market Research & Keywords
Module 2 is all about how to find a profitable niche to build your online business around. This is one of the most important steps in ensuring your success and this Module will guide you through the critical criteria to ensure you’ve chosen a niche with the potential to make you money, while being aligned with your passions or interests.
How To Find Profitable Niches: Follow my step-by-step formula for finding profitable niches that make you money, aligned around your interests and passions. This is the exact same formula I used to build my brand Project Life Mastery.
How To Find Profitable Digital Product Niches: Learn exactly where to find digital products relating to your niche and earn an affiliate commission of 50% and more.
How To Find Physical Product Niches: Learn exactly where and how to find physical products relating to your niche that you can make money INSTANTLY as an affiliate.
Discover The Best Keywords: Learn easily how keywords work and find the best keywords relating to your niche. You don’t have to be a “tech savvy” person to do this.
How To Choose The Best Niche: Learn step-by-step how to choose the BEST NICHE for you to build your online business around, following my proven criteria for successful niche selection.
7 Affiliate Networks For Products That Sell: Discover 7 POWERFUL affiliate networks that are loaded with products and services you can profit from as an affiliate.