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RSD Todd – Attraction Unlocked 2017 | 3.47 GB
Imagine your perfect 10…
One second shes standing there bored, staring at her phone, going about her day.

.and the next shes MASSIVELY turned on.
.attracted….TO YOU.

As you engage her in conversation and flirtation, she goes from being skeptical at first.to curious.to intensely mesmerized.
You go from just a random guy on the street to THE Guy shes been dying to meet her whole life.

A cool, confident, high-value guy…
… who challenges her and gives her butterflies with just a look and a tease.

Its very on.
And its only been 30 seconds!
Youre a little shocked at first.
You try and conceal the excitement of having YOUR perfect 10 practically drooling at your every word.

But this isnt an accident.
You didnt get lucky
And its got nothing to do with looks or money. (She knows next to nothing about you.)

Instead its got everything to do with what youre doing.
.what youre saying.
.how youre saying it.
.and the critical ATTRACTION SWITCHES youre flipping one by one.

Attraction switches that you could have never even guessed were there just a couple weeks before.

Women are 10 times more perceptive than men.
And that might be an understatement.
Fact is, when you talk to a beautiful woman, shes noticing EVERYTHING about you.
And most importantly. what youre really thinking (as revealed to her by minute micro-expressions on your face.)

As a result, women are excellent mind-readers.
And heres the truth that took me years to come to terms with:
To the girl, EVERYTHING is an honest signal of who you really are
A true indicator of whether or not youre the guy who shes going to ~ censored ~ in an hour.

. or just another random dude shell forget in a second.
Through millions of years of evolution, its this level of intuition thats made women incredibly good at sniffing out the true Alpha badasses from the millions of wannabes.
And the funny thing about honest signals and flipping attraction switches is this:

Its all learnable.
And literally any guy can learn it.
.assuming hes willing to take massive action.
Whether its in a crowded club or a random street corner, creating attraction comes down to one thing and one thing only:

Do you have immense value to her or not?
And not just any kind of value (she doesnt care about what car you drive or if you have big muscles).
.but the right evolutionary value that genuinely turns her on.
If you ever see me at a club or on the street or in my infield video, youll notice how easy it is for me to jump from girl to girl, instantly getting them hooked and wanting more.
And yes, Im doing all this without thinking.

I know exactly what attraction switches to flick on to create MASSIVE VALUE in her eyes.
Massive value out of thin air.

The definitive 3 Hour course on what really drives female attraction.
.and the field-tested skill-set I personally use to attract, date and sleep with some of the most beautiful women on Earth.