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RSD Luke – Social Circle Blueprint 2.0 free download

With Social Circle Blueprint 2.0, your life can change very dramatically AND rapidly… IN THESE WAYS… Access To “Off-Limits” Girls – Discover what master pickup artists don’t tell you about dealing with bouncers. You know, the bulky football player-sized bros that COCKBLOCK low-status guys from flirting with the hottest girls at the club. SCB 2.0 will show you bouncer game. You’ll be able to get past their velvet ropes, Ocean’s 11 style , and be welcomed into the VIP with open arms.
Get More Girls – Remember when you discovered pickup and dreamed of having your own HAREM?? With SCB2.0 you will acquire an ENTIRE library of women to choose from. If one flakeson you… you won’t think twice about moving onto the next.
Access To Exclusive Parties – You’ve seen my Instagram stories. You KNOW these are places you want to be. The knock-out gorgeous women, the exclusivity of the environment, the classiness of it all. Now YOU can have that too! I’ll teach you how to get access to the BEST and most PREMIER parties in town. Maxim and Babes In Toyland are only scratching the surface!
Save Money – By Never Having To Pay Club Entry – Imagine rolling up to a club with your crew, skipping the line, plopping down at your table and attracting every girl in sight like you have a state-of-the-art seduction magnet…
Save Time – Get my foolproof “triangle pattern” strategy to maximize your valuable time at every nightclub you attend and boost your close rate by 50% or more. No, it doesn’t involve “machine gun” approaching the entire venue (that often ends up destroying your night more than you think.)
Save Effort – Get my PROVEN system for funneling stunning women into your life. (How to quickly turn your spare time into baller social events… attracting gorgeous girls and quality socialites!)
Increased Confidence – Learn how to sell yourself! (Yes, these over-the-top charisma secrets will change every aspect of your life, no matter what you need – be it love, money, respect or a fresh new start at life.)
SCB 2.0 was designed for men who are sick and tired of waiting for the “right” girls, friends, and lifestyle experiences to magically come into their lives.
If this is you… then Social Circle Blueprint 2.0 will be the shining light that comes from the skies to save you from YEARS of pain, confusion, and error trying to get good with women ALONE.