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[COLOR=rgba(47, 47, 47, 0.819608)]Do you remember the days of Facebook marketing before everyone piled in and ruined it? The days when $2 conversions weren’t uncommon?

If you do remember, then I have some good news for you.

If you don’t remember, I have even better news for you.

Instagram is an open field of opportunity, ready to be harvested, and you are not too late to get in now.

As a matter of fact, Now is the Perfect Time.

Right now, at this moment, very few people are taking advantage of the traffic that can be purchased really, really, cheaply on this social media gem.

So cheap that that we are finding conversion costing half of the best campaigns we have on Facebook.

Yes! If we are getting $10 conversion through our Facebook marketing, chances are, we’re going to get $5 conversion on Instagram.

In our example, we raised over $1,400 in sales in 24 hours with $75 spend.

Insane right?

Jump on this webinar and you’ll learn:

1) How to find the right Instagram source to put your money into

2) How to prequalify your source to not waste time or effort

3) How to launch campaigns like a pro

4) How to create Maximum ROI using from your Instagram sources

5) Build your own Instagram page to reach as much as 70% of your fans