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Join Andrew Holecek In This Six-Week Transformational Journey Into The Deepest Depths Of Your Mind Where You’ll Uncover A Whole New World Of Possibilities That You Never Knew Existed

01 Reduce nightmares, depression, and trauma

Lucid dreaming is a remarkable tool to put people out of depression, nightmares and trauma of the past. In a study at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, participants underwent lucid dreaming treatment (LDT), which included coming up with alternative endings to their nightmares. Those who were able to do so reduced the number of their nightmares.

02 Boost your confidence, skills and happiness levels

In your lucid dreams you can conjure up any of the scenarios of your waking reality and in an instant alter the scene to suit your needs. This can be a tremendous personal growth tool which can be used to boost confidence, overcome shyness, manage grief, and even rehearse your skills.

03 Eliminate bad beliefs and habits while cultivating new ones

Of all the states of consciousness we know of, the waking state has the least power to transform simply because of the years of past conditioning and programming that it’s already been subjected to. However, in the dream state, our consciousness is more malleable and more fluid. Hence it’s the best, most effortless way to cultivate new habits and beliefs.

04 Solve problems, find answers and get innovative ideas

While lucid dreaming, your consciousness level is up a notch and so you may be better at solving problems. Several studies prove that lucid dreamers often come up with a “remote and, at the time, implausible” options when presented with a challenge in a lucid dream. These turn out to be the most innovative solutions that otherwise wouldn’t even register in their mind.

05 Enhance your physical strength and improve performance

Lucid dreaming has been proven to be effective in helping you with any physical activity that you want to improve. Scientists in Germany, through fMRI research, found that doing something in your lucid dreams is neurologically equivalent to actually doing it. Meaning, if you improve your dream body, it will have an effect on your physical body. Studies with professional athletes have proven this to be true.

06 Trigger healing and reverse problematic conditions

One doctor published a paper about a patient with a twenty-two-year history of chronic pain who cured himself overnight with a single lucid dream. There are other studies too that show how people have all kinds of healing results from healing a painful sprained tendon to stopping internal bleeding, reducing fever and signs of infection, speeding recovery from fractures, reducing uterine cysts, and healing scar tissues. However, please note that lucid dreaming cannot be a substitute for proper medical care.

07 Become a powerhouse of creativity and intuition

Lucid dreaming is also proven to have the potential to tap into your creative and intuitive potential. The creative reservoirs that artists, musicians and inventors use can be accessed in your lucid dreams. And it can also give you a Déjà vu-like intuitive feeling for spotting out opportunities or dangers.

08 Awaken to your true nature and see the full potential of life

When you start having lucid dreams, you’ll realize that during your entire life you’ve been sitting on top of a vast reservoir of potentiality that you never tapped into. In lucid states, you’re entering the deepest depths of your consciousness to uncover your true nature and see your natural gifts so you can bring them to the surface of your life.
Here’s the important thing you need to keep in mind: the waking life or the physical reality that you see every day is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cause and effect in life. Much of it is governed by huge, unbelievably immense subconscious realms of our minds.

Lucid Dreaming offers a shortcut to those realms.

And the Dream Sculpting program eliminates the guesswork from your lucid dreaming practice.