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CRYPTO BLASTER [New Money Making Method] Free Download

Last month I and my team made $700 with this method, without scaling it up. Confirmation was all we needed to know that this method works.

Since this method doesn’t suffer from competition (and never will) we decided to write a guide about it. And so we did.

This guide consists of TWO related methods. We call them BASIC and ADVANCED.

For the BASIC method to work you will need to invest money in VPS AWS.

Q: How much time will it take to make an investment back?
A: It takes 5-6 hours of work to earn $85 if you do it yourself (you can hire a VA or multiple VAs to scale).

It means you will make your money back in ONE day!

Q: How much can be made with this method?
A: Honestly? Even the BASIC method can provide an income of $1800 per month without hiring any VA.

On top of that, you have the ADVANCED method and you can scale with a VA.