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It’s our passion to help people like yourself. It gets us out of bed in the morning.It’s what drives us forward (that, and the money of course).

You see .in the next 12 months (starting right now) something almost “magical” is going to happen.

We’re going to teach you a skill that is as good as PRINTING MONEY.
Counterfeiting dollar bills is illegal all over the world, and from what we’ve read in fiction books, a purty damn dangerous business to be in too.
But what you’ll learn here is far less dangerous. fully legal .and potentially just as lucrative.
Steve and I have a skill (which has taken us jointly 14 odd years to master) that we can never lose.

It can never be taken from us.
It’s with us forever – and over time, it only gets stronger and more powerful. This skill allows us to use the internet to generate “money on demand”.

.the best part – unlike a real 9 to 5 job, we don’t have to “be there” working to earn that money.
We setup automated systems that “work for us” day and night – while we play golf or walk on the beach, and while we’re sleeping at night.

We know that may sound a little hype-y . but there’s honestly just no other way to say it.
The internet doesn’t sleep. It’s worse than Las Vegas – a lot worse. It’s “on” all the time. We leverage that by setting up automated systems (which we’ll teach you how to create over the next 12months).

Just know this .once you’ve learned the skill of marketing – it’s with you forever (and it gets better over time).

Here’s a couple of reviews:

Tiny Little Businesses Review by Andre Chaperon & Steve Gray
From the MacBook Pro of: Ryan Daniels
Location: Scottsdale, AZ (poolside)
About: Tiny Little Businesses (by Andre Chaperon and Steve
Hey I’m Ryan,

Before we get into my Tiny Little Businesses Review I want
to tell you a little bit more about me.

I know who cares about me, right?

Well stay with me I think knowing some of my story will
help you.

I’m a full-time internet marketer – and I’m always trying to
improve on my business little by little without going crazy.

You see I’ve been doing the internet thing for a long time.

Since 2003 actually and during that time there have definitely
been some ups and downs.

I’ve built businesses that have made a lot of money and
I’ve built businesses that have evaporated over night.

It never feels good to have a business that is generating over
$10k a month completely disappear in less than 12 hours.

Ouch.that hurt.still does a little bit actually.

How does that happen anyways.

More on that in a bit.

Or how about when I was profiting 500% or more on my daily
PPC spend with Google Adwords?

It was insane.

I had no idea what I was really doing. I was just
direct linking to an offer that was really converting and
everyday I knew I was making more money than I was spending.

Solid business?


Overnight Google slapped that entire business away from me.

And for good reason I guess.

Since, those screw ups many years ago I’ve become a lot smarter.

I’ve figured out what I was doing wrong and a major part
of it had to do with my mentality or mindset.

You see I was thinking about this internet thing all wrong.

First off I wasn’t thinking long-term. In both of those businesses
I was only using tactics to make money I really had NO strategy.

Not only did I not have strategy I wasn’t building any assets.

So when both those businesses disappeared I really had nothing
to show for it or fall back on. I had to start all over.

But the biggest issue was my mindset. Even though I was very positive,
confident, and I took action.

I was taking the wrong action.

Maybe you can relate. I mean I was only doing what these
supposed ‘gurus’ had told me to do.

Ever feel like the things the ‘gurus’ teach you don’t work?

Or that they are out dated?

The funny thing is now I actually know those ‘gurus’ I was
listening to made most of their money from selling ‘how to’ products.

I’ll keep their names to myself.just know they were pretty big IMers
at the time.

You see I was listening to the wrong people and I had a little bit
of a shiny object syndrome problem.

99% of marketers do but you can change that.

Luckily I came across some really smart marketers and starting following them
more like stalking them, but who’s splitting hairs smilie

These guys were totally different and they really seemed to know
what they were doing.

It was totally refreshing.

I finally found people that could help me build a solid, stable
long-term business.

Over the years I added more mentors like this to my life and
things continue to progress even today.

2 such marketers are Andre Chaperon and Steve Gray.

Their marketing is incredible and I don’t say that lightly.

They really are brilliant at what they do.

Anyway.I’m sure you are aware they reopened Tiny Little Businesses
this week and as part of that I wanted to share a website with

There’s nothing for sale on it.

.it’s just really great content.

I found myself
nodding all the way through.

I think you will too.

Here’s the link:

Frank vs Matt – The Entrepreneurs Journey

If you like what you read (which I’m sure you will) you’ll
also want to check out their Internet Manifesto.

This thing is all meat and no potatoes as they say.

Nothing but great content and again nothing to buy.

Read the internet manifesto here

Ok.Back to my Tiny Little Businesses Review

Hopefully you read both the story of Frank vs Matt and the
Internet Manifesto. There really is a ton of great information
in both of those reports.

Not only that but by reading them you really get a sense for
Andre and Steve’s teaching style and marketing tactics.
Enter the World of Creating Tiny Little Businesses for Fun and Profit

What is a tiny little business anyways?

Well here’s a screenshot from the header of Andre and Steve’s site.

Tiny Little Businesses Review – What is a Tiny Little Business

You can see this screenshot really sums it up in 4 simple steps.

1. Find a tribe (this a group or following)

2. Get insight (super important for providing value and connecting with your tribe)

3. Create value (absolutely critical)

4. Measure + Learn (tracking enables you to strategically increase profits and roi)

That’s it.

Pretty simple, right?

I’m sure you may have questions like:

– How do I find a tribe?

– How do I communicate with them?

– Where do I go to get insight on these people?

– Can I connect with them if I’m not one of them?

– How do you create value?

– etc.

These are all great questions and these are all things Andre and
Steve teach you in Tiny Little Businesses.